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If you are an avid birder, world lister or just looking for a big Ghana list whilst taking time to see all species well, our total birding itineraries are for you. Early starts with our main focus being on maximizing the species we see but also seeing them well and dedicating more time birding. For an enjoyable, quality and highly productive bird tour of Ghana. Choose our total birding itineraries, lead by West Africa’s finest guides. Please choose from our wide selection of detailed itineraries, or ask us to design a private tour around your target species.




With some of the most avian rich bio diverse rainforests and savannah habitats in Africa, Ghana is a must for any serious birding and wildlife enthusiast. Our birding and nature tours are specifically designed for keen birders with a love for all wildlife. Our main focus is the birds, however our leaders will also be searching for all wildlife species taking time to appreciate all that we see. Our guides/leaders are some of the finest in Africa and are constantly researching new birding sites and habitats maximizing our clients Ghana experience.




As one of the world’s outstanding destinations for butterfly enthusiasts, many researchers are studying here in Ghana and have discovered 25 new species in the past 2years. Ghana protects nearly 1000 species of butterflies many endemic to its biologically rich and varied habitat. A paradise for nature lovers. Our birding and butterfly tours are slower paced taking quality time to appreciate all of Ghana’s flora and fauna. These tours are ideal for avid or amateur photographers as we take time on all species giving the best opportunity for that perfect image.




If you are interested in experiencing Ghana’s culture, traditions and history in addition to its birds and nature our birding and culture tours are perfect for you. We spend the most productive hours in the mornings and early evenings enjoying Ghana’s many quality bird and mammal species with one of our expert guides. The remainder of the time our experienced culture guides will take you on a journey immersing you in the colourful, warm hospitality of the varied ethnic groups living here. You will visit Ghana’s UNESCO world heritage sites whilst gathering a firsthand insight into Ghana’s recent dark colonial past.




There is an increasing demand for budget birding tours and we are pleased to now offer a wide selection of budget itineraries. We have been able to reduce the cost of our standard itineraries by downgrading accommodation, vehicle specification and meals included in the holiday package. Our quality of tours and leaders remains the same excellent standard and there may be times when camping will be required.





This is specially designed for birders that enjoy photography in addition to professional photographers looking for the (near) perfect image. Our highly experienced bird and wildlife leaders will maximise your chance of that award winning image. By choosing one of our specialised photographic tours, you put an end to the frustrations many photographers experience on standard birding and wildlife tours.

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