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Robert Ntakor is the Managing Director and founder of Birding Tour Adventures. He holds a Higher National Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management and other certificates in Community and Wildlife & Conservation Management organized by Conservation International.

He was born and raised around the famous Kakum National Park where he also worked as a park ranger for 14 years. He developed his birding carrier when he was a small child in his father’s farm village before joining the wildlife department of the forestry commission where he worked as a nature tour leader. He polished up and became one of the early bird guides and the only expert in the rain forest birds with their various calls. He has trained most of the top bird guides in Ghana including four of his brothers who now constitute the famous Ntakor Brothers.

Combined with sighting and hearing, he is considered as Ghana’s No1# birding and nature guide. He has lead tours for many big tour companies in the world and has many years in organizing and leading birding and nature tours in Ghana. By booking a tour through him you get more than a local organized tour, but an international standard.


Ms Vincencia Boison is the Administrator and in charge of all reservations, she has certificate in community tourism and tour guiding organized by the Tour Guides Association of Ghana. She has many years experience in organizing tours and making hotel reservations. She is also expert in event organizing and management.






Isaac is one of the famous Ntakor Brothers trained by Robert Ntakor. He was just a little boy when his brother Robert started leading birding tours and bringing bird books (field guides) to the house. As a little boy Isaac took advantage of the field guide to sturdy all the birds and followed up with field experience with his brother anytime he get the chance to follow him. He further studied butterfly and became Ghana’s top local Butterfly Guide. His love for nature has undoubtedly led him to become one of Ghana’s expect entomology guide.

He has lead tours for many bird and butterfly lovers who see him as a genus. His sharp sight and ears has with no doubt earned him his status. Having Isaac as a birding and butterfly tour leader is one of the best experiences you can’t forget.


Baffoe Peprah has a Higher National Diploma in Tourism and hospitality Management from Cape Coast Polytechnic. He also worked as a wildlife park ranger at the famous Kakum National Park and Bonsu Arboretum where he lead wildlife and Nature tours as site Guide. He also has experience in Hiking and Biking.

As a farm village boy in his tender age in a forest community around Kakum Forest, Baffoe has a lot of forest hiking experience which combine leads to an all impressive tour if have him a your tour leader and guide.




Charles Ewusie is an expert in cultural and photographing. However as he grew from a forest community south east of the Kakum forest, he has a vast knowledge in forest wildlife, hence been the best for wildlife photography.

He also lived in a fishing community which has given him lots of experience in turtle tracking so for turtle and aquatic wildlife lovers or culture and heritage combine, you will never forget the best times you will have in Ghana with Charles Ewusie





John Fynn is our expect in event Organizing and Management. Born and raised in a fishing community, he also has many experiences in aquatic life. With his knowledge in organizing and managing events, he becomes the one in charge of assisting in all fields of events including booking and arranging other ancillary services including car rental and hotel reservations.






Michael is one of Ghana’s most experience wildlife and birding Drivers. For a particular tour to start and end successfully, most relies on an experience and committed driver who understand the nature of the trip.

Waking up and driving early in time and staying out and driving home late is all a boring job for ordinarily commercial drivers, however, with Michel’s long experience in driving birding and wildlife tours, he best understands the birding language than any of the commercial rental drivers. With Michel as your driver, you don’t get just an ordinary driver but a wildlife guide as well.

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